Nefertari's story so far...

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Nefertari's story so far...

Post by Nefertari on Tue Jul 18, 2017 5:02 pm

Nefertari was born just outside the Stygian city of Khemi, on the banks for the river Styx. Born into a peasent family, she spent her childhood helping her family farm Papyrus along the river Styx. Nefertari always had a natural affinty to magic, finding the fiery arts intriguing, but did not have access to the tomes needed to improve one's skills. By chance, while assisting her father in the market, an apprentice to a Priest of Set sensed Nefertari's latent skills in magics and quickly demanded she join the ranks of their temple. Seeing this as her chance to learn more about sorcery, she begged her father to let her join, her father reluctantly accepted.

Having now been initiated into the Cult of Derketo, which was watched very closely by the Priests, Nefertari quickly climbed the ranks within the Cult. When not in service to the Priests as their concubine, Nefertari was busy studying pyromancies and other such spells in the temple's archives.

One day, while climbing through piles of dusty tombs, she happened upon a book that radianted a dark aura, simply touching the book imparted a feeling of dread. But, Nefertari's inquisitivness overtook the book's passive warning and she began reading it's words. The tome spoke of spells revolving around mind control and a far more powerful form of pyromancy. Instead of using fire as the fuel, these spells spoke of using the soul as a catalyst. Learning these spells changed Nefertari, but its hard to say if it was the book's influence or her own deep rooted lust for power that sparked her leap from innocence.

With her new powers finely honed, she manipulated herself through the ranks of Set's Priests, soon finding herself the head concubine to Khemi's High Priest of Set. While she did respect the power he wielded, Nefertari did respect how he governed his devotees, she knew she could do better and wanted to take what he had from him.

After years of patiently building trust, she decided to strike on the night before the annual harvest festival. The High Priest of Set always gave a sermon at such an occasion and she knew this would be the right time to attach the strings to her would be puppet. While stradling the Priest during her nightly service to him, she began to incant the mind control spells she had learned, attempting to bring the Priest under her control. She'd been successful with the other lesser Priests, but the High Priest simply laughed in Nefertari's face. While still locked together he spat in her face, saying she couldn't possibly overtake him because she will always be a simple whore. Blinded with rage, Nefertari instinctly incanted the other desctructive spells she had learned from that dark tome and burned the Priest to ash. His guards quickly seized her, but still blinded with fury, she killed several more priests and guards before finally being subdued.

Soon, Nefertari found herself tied to a cross in a desert she did not recognize. Emotions still spinning from what seemed like moments ago, she fell to the ground, a shadowy man walked away into the swirling sands. Too weak to speak, the man disappeared before she could thank him for untying her from the cross. Naked, hungry and thirsty, Nefertari wandered forward, following what appeared to be a stone road in the sand.

After what seemed like miles, she found a river. Questions swirled in her head, why was she exiled to this place? How far was she from Khemi? But, most importantly, why wasn't she executed for the murders of several Priests of Set? Before she had the time to collect her thoughts she was approached by what appeared to be a Shemite woman. Too weak to defend herself, Nefertari froze and listened to what the Shem woman had to say. Surprised, the woman simply offered Nefertari some food and wished her well before drifting back into the northern hills.

This seemingly mundane act of kindness snapped Nefertari out of the malicious malaise that had consumed her for so many years. Seeing exile as a gift, she decided to spend her newly granted time investigating how she came to be exiled as well as hunting for more tomes that teach of healing and sensual pyromancies. She needed to know why she was not executed for her crimes, but at least she can strive to atone for her sins by helping the other exiles stranded in this harsh land.

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